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Modi government has told the struggle of farmers, the publicity stunt

New Delhi: Despite the struggle of farmers, there is widespread impact on the urban life, but the central government is not taking a serious look at this. Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh has said that some farmers are protesting for the sake of coming to the media headlines.

He said that it is natural that there were 1000-2000 members of any Kishor group. Therefore, it is important for them to take up a straightforward action to get the publicity of the media. There are millions of farmers across the country, but why a small number of farmers are protesting?

The minister’s statement is clear that he is not in the mood to admit the demands of the farmers. Of course, many political parties are also supporting the farmers’ struggle, but the BJP’s view is different from that. The BJP government is making this struggle unnecessary.

Remember the countrywide strike of the hundred farmers’ organizations across the country has severely affected the urban life. People have stopped getting milk and fruits and vegetables. On the invitation of Rashtriya Kisan Mahan Sangh, farmers of Punjab and Haryana kept supply of vegetables, fruits and milk to the cities and towns for the fourth day of the 10-day movement. Vegetables prices have started rising due to the agitation.

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