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The Five Year Old Driver Drive tractor

Kanpur village’s child in LKG today is in media headlines today. This child named Shabad plays a tractor like a specialist driver, for which he has become popular in the entire area.

Shear is about 5 years old and his father is a farmer. The father told that he did not teach driving. He also learned to see the father running tractor.

From his childhood, he used to go to farming with the father and watched him run the tractor. In view of this, he learned to drive the tractor. The father did not find any information about this.

His father Chand Babu said that even though he is a minor and he will not have a license nor will it be for the next 13 years. If an accident occurs then his father will have full responsibility.

Sawar’s father told that when he first saw him running the tractor, he was amazed. They scolded him very much although the scolding problem is not the solution. He said that he has to keep his keys hidden.

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